Our Approach

To MainStreet 407 Design, your home or place of business is a canvas:  a work of art ready to be made more appealing, more attractive, more livable and more workable, with you as the art director – and we as your artists.

At MainStreet 407 Design, we are architects, designers, engineers and brand specialists who are passionate about creating effective, responsive, engaging and productive environments that inspire, move and make you, your family, your guests and your customers happy to be there.

Because our mission centers on you, our approach puts you at the very center, it enables you to ask questions, provide feedback and make adjustments – in short, to be the art and design director.  And it ensures at the end of the design process that we will have exceeded your expectations.

  • One point of contact – From your initial call to us until we complete our work, you will have a senior MainStreet 407 Design Manager handling your every idea, question, concern and decision. He or she, in turn, will manage all of the work performed by MainStreet 407 Design employees and subcontractors who may be a part of your project.
  • Budgeting and estimating at every milestone – Your MainStreet 407 Design Manager will provide you with detailed design cost estimates, not only at the start of your architectural, design or engineering project, but at every decision point until final plans are submitted to and approved by you.
  • Construction and modifications – Once your architectural, design and/or engineering plans have been completed, MainStreet 407 Design will work with your prime and subcontractors to ensure your art direction, and our artistry, is realized in the final product – whether that be an inspiring interior, a dramatic exteriors or a breathtaking landscape.